School Note, 13th September 2016

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please note the following-

  • Individual Pupil Insurance-forms will go out over the next two weeks
  • Lunches-Junior Infants-please return forms as soon as possible so we can get lunches up and running for your child. Do not return if you do not wish your child to have the lunch.
  • Lunches-Rest of school-updated forms will be sent home soon
  • The school cannot replace forms as the supplier has an allocated code for each child. If you wish to amend/cancel an order please contact Glanmore Foods directly.
  • Sight and Hearing tests-HSE-Senior Infants and new children-please return the forms this week as testing will occur next week. If there are any issues parents will be contacted directly, not the school.
  • Howth Deanery Forms-as soon as we receive these forms we will give them out to sixth class students. They usually arrive in September .
  • Change to school calendar-Training on new Primary language Curriculum-the school will close on Friday March 24th-all staff are in Drumcondra for the day for staff training. Afterschool will still open for those who need to avail of the service
  • Bikes/Flickers and football– I visited all the classes last Friday. It is great to see the amount of children who walk/cycle etc to school. As the site is busy I am asking the children not to cycle/go on their flickers inside the school grounds before or after school-just to park them when they come in. Football also cannot be played on the grounds before and after school.
  • Holidays-Please note parents should not book holidays for blocks of a week/two weeks during term time-the school year is very short. Children miss out on academic work and also on social and emotional development. Teachers will not be going back over topics and will not prepare work in this instance.


The real Presidential elections are taking place in Belmayne! Round 1 took place in 5th and 6th class today. All the children listened to each other’s speeches and then every child voted for the speech/ideas that they felt was best.
Children then proceed to the next round-the standard was exceptionally high this year so well done to all who took part!!

Fifteen students (mix from 5th and 6th) are through to the next round and they are as follows (below). The whole school will vote and then seven students will form the Student Council. Speeches will take place at assembly and students will also visit classes and yard breaks prior. All children from Junior Infants upwards will vote.

The Presidential Candidates

  • Sarah Campean-5th
  • Sana Belabbas-5th
  • Luke McSharry-5th
  • Livia Zagrobelny-5th
  • Emma Duggan-Newton-6th
  • Evan O’Toole-6th
  • Jack McCarthy-6th
  • Ciaran Watt-5th
  • Alish Russell-5th
  • Vedh Kannan-5th
  • August Huxley-Southall-5th
  • Maeron Libomi-Mampuya-6th
  • Tangilla Shamim-6th
  • Jayne Lennon-5th
  • Jennifer Maier-6th
  • Diego Cummins- Cobos-5th

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