School Note, 5th September 2016

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Dear Parent/Guardian

  • Welcome back everyone and especially to our new parents and our new Infants/students throughout the school!
  • Infants have settled in really well. Well done to the parents who had them well prepared for the transition!
  • Infant teachers are trialling lining up at home time. We will let you know when morning line up starts. As they are so settled Infants will start their long day-finishing at 1.20 on Monday the 12th of September
  • Buddy Benches-we are purchasing Buddy Benches through the Student Council and the school. These will be friendship areas if a child is feeling left out where they can sit and others will know to go over and make friends with them
  • I forget some times that our ethos is so special-new teachers and new class teachers have been overwhelmed with the positivity and warm welcome they have received from some of our parents. It is this supportive nature that makes families/parents in our school so special enhancing the positive relationship between home and school. I would like to thank those parents involved-it isn’t only the new students who find the first week or two hard!
  • Communication/emails– at present teachers are happy to answer emails up to and including 5pm.Check out your class teacher’s email address. This is very useful for parents. Can I remind parents when communicating with staff to be mindful of mutual respect for the teacher’s role in order for communication between staff and parents to work effectively. Please be aware that teachers have other commitments after school hours.
  • Book Scheme: A huge thanks to parents for their prompt payments and support and to Fiona, staff and PC who put in hours of work for the set up. We will outline during class meetings what way this scheme will work going forward.
  • In order not to confuse parents this year in its set up book lists did not go up until payments were made. Book lists are up online now so you can see what your child will access. We are very excited about the access they will have to additional materials to further help support teaching
  • Supervision/line up-we are trialling different ways at present and will adapt as we review if necessary. When there are changes we need to be patient and we ask for your support re-myself and Fiona met with the builders and they are cornering off an area in the park next door for us that will be fenced off. 5th and 6th loved being here together and have great space which frees up the yard more than last year

Learn Together Blog-Fiona will have this up soon where you can view plans that we will use during the year in order for you to discuss what your child is learning in school
Homework-we reviewed the writing of homework and felt throughout the school it wasn’t a particularly useful exercise in functional writing and was taking up 20 mins in some cases where more beneficial teaching could take place.
We did note the older classes would need to continue this habit going forward to second level. Therefore from now on-5th and 6th will write their homework down-the rest of the school will access homework on the class blog-if you have internet issues please contact the class teacher. We will try to give weekly homework as much as possible
School Notes-I text/email parents when a note goes out- please ensure that we have the correct number for you .We only text the first number on the child’s list unless parents are separated. Please update us with any changes to family structures/change of address/email address
Walking home-if your child is new to or school or in 2nd class you must email the class teacher and give permission for the child to walk home.

Student Council

elections will take place soon –more details to follow

Cavan Tragedy

Words cannot explain such a tragedy .Some children have commented about the awful tragedy but we have not brought this up as a discussion with children and would be sensitive to the fact that families may/may not wish to discuss this with their children.


We met as a staff and decided to change aspects of assembly –the main class assembly will take place in your child’s class-timetable below

Health and Safety

Fire drills-our new area for assembly is in the park next door-we are carrying out a number of fire drills this month-we are excluding the Junior Infants for a week or so as the alarm can be a bit frightening and to give teachers time to discuss what a fire drill is with them.

Thanks to all parents who sold/donated school books at the end of the last school year. Fiona will email all parents who sold books with an invoice of moneys owed to them. This email can then be printed at home and brought in to Susan on the Wed 14th and Thursday 15th at 8.30 for payment of monies owed. If you don’t get an email but also sold books please email to query.
Class Meetings-will take place the last week of September Tuesday 27th-at 6.30pm. You will get an overview of the book scheme, class teacher expectations from you and your child, the class curriculum and parental involvement


Forms will go out next Monday-need to be returned by Wed-you need to ensure that you do not lose the form as your child has a unique code.
If your child is not taking the lunch do not send the form back. If you at any stage wish to change your child’s order you go online to Glanmore foods and email them with your child’s name,class, teacher and school. Also please email them if you wish to cancel lunches. There is no charge for lunches.
To reduce waste the children will receive an empty water bottle to take home and bring in each day. Instead they will also receive an extra snack.

Parent Stuff

Parent Council: Meeting tonight-proposed parent event on October 14th-clarity and more details to come later
Catholic Parents Group: Anyone interested in classes to prepare for the sacraments of communion and confirmation within the Catholic church please email the Catholic Parents Group at by 11th September. These classes are predominantly for children in 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th classes but if you have any queries please do contact Anne on 087-9120760 or address above. More info & application form on the school website under here.

Yoga for Parents starts Tues Sept 20th @8.45am in the Upstairs Afterschool Room. Everyone Welcome €3per class
Parent Support Meeting: Wed Sept 21st@ 7pm in Downstairs Afterschool room. This group is for parents to meet, share experiences and support each other around parenting and behaviour issues. Everyone welcome.
Junior Infant Parent meet & greet Wednesday September 7th @8.40am in upstairs afterschool room or Thursday 8th @ 7pm in downstairs afterschool room. Meeting will last approx. 45 mins
30th September-gymnastics club did not get a chance to perform due to bad weather-they will have their display on the morning of Sept the 30th

Assembly Rota 2016/17

No one class has responsibility for assemblies inside for first few weeks. 5th and 6th class students will have their campaign speeches outside at the first 2 assemblies.
Format for assemblies is for whole school to be together for songs and student of the week outside (weather permitting), class assembly will then take place inside.

16th Sep 5th and 6th respect & election campaign
6th and 5th Colum and Karl Assembly- Respect Golden rules(GR)
23rd Sep 5th and 6th Responsibility & Election campaign
5th Assembly Kevin -Responsibility
30th Sep 4th Gearoid – Courage Courage & democracy
Peace Day and Gymnastics Assembly
7th Oct 4th Rachel – Honesty
14th Oct 3rd Denise –Social media /Judaism
21st Oct 3rd Brian – Gratitude
28th Oct 2nd Becky – Wellbeing
11th Nov 2nd Shane- (Whole School) Remembrance
13th-18th Science week Whole school
25th Nov Love, thanksgiving Love, thanksgiving
2nd Dec Judaism
15th Dec Class Xmas Assemblies Colum
9.30 Kevin
10 am Karl

11 Gearoid
11.30 Rachael
1pm Denise
1.30 Ronan
16th Dec Class Xmas Assemblies
9am Mel
9.30 Jessica
10 Julie
10.30 Aiveen
11 Shane
11.30 Becky
1pm Brian
1.30 Sarah

Jan 13th Rights Mini class group assemblies in Pre-fab- Teacher led
Jan 20th Anti Bullying
Jan 27th Equality
Feb 3rd Equality
Feb 10th Friendship
Feb 17th Fairtrade
10th March Women
Seachtain na Gaeilge
24th March Happiness day- 1st Class Sarah
31st March Hinduism- spring festivals- 1st Class Ronan

7th April
5th May International Family Week
12th May Senior Infants Julie
19th May Senior Infants Aiveen
26th May Junior Infants Jessica
9th June Junior Infants Mel
30th June End of year whole school assembly/GAA awards

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