School Note (Swimming, 4th-6th), 28th February 2017

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Aquatic is part of our PE curriculum. Swimming lessons are to take place this term and next term in 4 week blocks on Thursday mornings for children from 4th-6th class.

The total cost for the 4 weeks is €20.The pool hire cost has increased this year.

Can all parents from 4th – 6th class make payments online. Please write your child’s name as a reference and not your name.

Account Number: 41898881

Bank Code: 904587

IBAN: IE41BOFI90458741898881


Fill out the permission slip below.

Children are to meet at the school at 8:25AM drop their schoolbags and walk with the teachers. Trinity Sports and Leisure have told us they do not want children making their own way to the centre.

If your child is late for any reason you must follow the class to the swimming pool. Teachers will not be able to wait for children who are late.

The first four weeks are for Sixth class followed by Fourth and then Fifth.

Sixth class starts March 2nd/9th/16th/23rd

Fourth starts March 30th, April 6th/27th and May 4th

Fifth Class starts May 11th/18th and June 1st/8th

  • Please wear togs coming to school
  • Swimming Hats-compulsory-waterproof for girls if possible. Girls to wear their hair tied up.
  • Bring a plastic bag to put your swimwear in
  • Have a separate bag for swimming items
  • If possible a turban style towel is useful for the girls
  • Children can bring a small snack and a drink with them
  • Wear clothes that are easy to take on and off
  • Boys and girls will be in separate changing rooms
  • Female and Male teachers will accompany the children
  • Three lifeguards will be present at lessons
  • Wear layers and warm clothes for walking back to school


I allow my child to leave school to attend swimming lessons

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